An Introduction to My FPL

When Jack and Ben asked me if I wanted to try writing pieces on Fantasy Premier League, how could I say no? It was always going to be far more productive than the hours a week I spend blankly staring at my team.

My account has been around since the 2011/12 season, but with a finish of ~2,300,000th you can tell I wasn’t exactly into it. I would say I started getting more and more interested into FPL starting in 2014/15, where I finished in the top 370k.

My previous seasons.

Since then I have fairly consistently finished in the top 50k, which is a fairly decent achievement, but I am always looking to improve. Last year I even managed to win £100 by winning my letting agencies’ league!

I finished this week (gameweek 10) with 59 points, leaving me at a position of ~660k. Sterling was the obvious (and correct) captain choice for me, and De Bruyne was unlucky to have a goal taken away from him. Overall it was a solid week, and I can’t be too disappointed, despite having no Leicester assets. Below I will show the Capital Kick-Off league, where I am currently last!

However as you can see the league is very tight, and FPL is a marathon, not a sprint. Only 33 points separate first and last, and I am confident that I will come back. Obviously with a team name like mine you have to be confident, or risk looking like an idiot.

Heading in to week 11, I have made two changes. I took out Otamendi and Haller, and brought in Ward and Vardy. I am not completely happy with this swap as it leaves me with no premium defenders, which could definitely backfire. However currently I am not too impressed with any defence, even Manchester City’s and Liverpool’s. What also hurts is that I was going to make a similar change last week, and could have capitalised on Vardy’s hat-trick, but I hesitated and missed out. Often you just have to trust your gut instinct and not be too patient. I don’t like removing Haller, but as a West Ham fan myself, something in the team is just not clicking, despite all the quality. These changes leave me with this team for week 11:

All my midfield are good options for captaincy this week, however I will very likely leave the captaincy on Sterling. After all, Southampton just conceded 9 goals, and despite the argument they will definitely bounce back to some degree, Manchester City are an absolutely incredible force most of the time at home, scoring 17 times in 5 games. Of course, there is always the Pep Guardiola infamous ‘Wheel of Rotation’, which could come back to bite me, but Sterling is usually safe from it, especially with Leroy Sané out (and seemingly likely to leave).

Thank you for reading my first article on Fantasy Premier League, please direct any questions towards my twitter, and I will be happy to help!

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