The Special One No More

It’s still difficult not to see the whole situation as some sort of distorted dream. The idea that our greatest ever manager, who guided us to three Premier League titles, is now going to be managing our sworn enemies is slightly gutting to think about.

This pain has been massively eased, there’s no doubt about that, because we’ve already played against him whilst he was managing at Inter Milan and Manchester United. The latter of which spawned aggressive scenes at full-time as him and Antonio Conte came to blows. 

Another thing which has eased the pain is the fantastic start Frank Lampard has made to life as a Premier League manager. After a tricky couple of games initially, the squad has really come into life. Whilst Chelsea fans will never quite look at José in the same way, Stamford Bridge certainly does have the potential to see some new “Special One’s” over the next few years if they follow on their current path.

Its difficult to say what sort of impact Mourinho will be able to make on this Spurs side. He’s the ultimate winner, but he inherits an ageing squad who look set to go down as a “what if” side unless he can spark something this season. Tottenham Hotspur were on the cusp of becoming a genuinely great side for the last few years but never quite made it across the finishing line. If José can get the ball rolling quickly, there is still a chance for cup glory this year and who knows where the side can go from there. 

It remains to be seen just how much Daniel Levy is willing to back José Mourinho. As the highest spending manager of all-time, you would expect him to have been given some kind of spending assurances in order to rope José in.

One thing is for sure, you do not want to miss Tottenham against Chelsea at 4:30pm on the 22nd of December. 

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