Mauricio to Mourinho

Mauricio Melancholy The Surprise Every Tottenham fan retells their version of events the night Mauricio Pochettino was sacked almost as if a family member had suddenly passed. I for one was cooking in my University kitchen when a group-chat notification popped up on my phone screen reading “Poch’s gone”. I simply raised an eyebrow. ImmediatelyContinue reading “Mauricio to Mourinho”

Opinion Piece: Is VAR Even the Problem?

In a weekend which produced so many dramatic games, for many fans it will be the 4:30pm kickoff at Goodison Park which stays firmly in the minds of fans. That is of course for the horrific injury of André Gomes. A truly tragic incident, but one I believe can be talked about for two reasons:Continue reading “Opinion Piece: Is VAR Even the Problem?”